Monday, August 23, 2021

Be Part Of the Midwest's First Bikefishing Tournament!

I entered! I will be there the second weekend. (I'm working the first few days of the tourney.) 

Trails to Trout Fishing Tournament

October 2-10, 2021 | Sparta, WI
$20 Entry Fee | FishDonkey App
Make plans to visit Sparta, WI to fish October 2-10, 2021 for a chance to win a Wyatt Maverick Bicycle retrofitted specifically for those who wish to explore bike fishing (value $3,000), this an all-terrain fat bike was designed and manufactured in Bangor, WI providing an unrivaled ride, comfort and handling via its unique frame design, oversized tires, hydraulic brakes, and front inverted suspension.
A prize winner will be randomly drawn out of the top 5 positions in the stringer category.
All fish entered in the tournament will be photographed, measured, and recorded with the FishDonkey app.
Have fun and FISH ON!